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PXP paramotors, Mianri and Vittorazi engines

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PXP Paramotors for stainless steel frames paramotors with low hang points with a range of the most reliable best performing engines available. PXP Paramotors are available to order with all Minari, Polini, Bailey, Simonini, and Vitorazzi Engines delivery 14-30 days depending on availability of engines.

Package deals Complete paramotor setup with discount on advertised prices: Choice of paramotor and wing and other accessories.  Ask for details of discounts available on complete equipment or training  packages.

Building you own paramotor - We can supply frame, harness, fuel tank, engine, everything you need, why not use one of the latest and best engines available the Vittorazi Moster.

Special introductory offer  - PXP minari 180 with the new 90 degree engine only 3799 for limited period, stock arriving May 2013

PXP Minari paramotor


New!   PXP Polini Thor 200 Available with  140cm or 145cm Stainless Steel frame for 125cm or 130cm prop. With the top quality 200cc engine from Polini available with tandem spreader kit or  trike reinforcement bar. polini thor 200
New!   PXP Bailey V5   has two valves in head and 20.5 HP at 8000 rpm, which achieves an approximate thrust of 60 Kg, enough for a pilot of over 100 Kg to fly with a reflex glider keeping consumption rates between 3.5 and 4.5 lt/h. The PXP Bailey V5 comes in two versions of chassis, made of stainless steel with TIG welding; the 1400 for 125cm propeller and the 1450 for 130cm propeller.

The chassis of 1450 is disassembled in 3 parts. The outer ring is made of 14mm tube and has a 12 litres tank for an empty weight of 29.5 kg.

There is also a version with 12 mm tube and 9 liters tank, which reduces its weight to 28 Kg.


New!   PXP 180 For the heavier pilots this paramotor produces over 76kg of thrust yet only weighs around 27.5Kg with the powerful yet quite PXP 180cc engine. This engine has been produced in collaboration with the Italian motor cycle engine specialists 'Minari\Parmakit'. Available with electric or pull start. Now available with 45 or 90 degree cylinder, ie: cylinder points to side not to bottom. minari 90 engine minari 45 engine PXP paramotor 180
PXP Vittorazi Moster  very powerfull -27HP, very light. Available to order now, delivery 2-4 weeks, with  140cm or 145cm Stainless Steel frame for 125cm or 130cm prop.



vittorazi moster
PXP Polini Thor Available with  140cm or 145cm Stainless Steel frame for 125cm or 130cm prop. With the new top quality 130cc engine from Polini with forced air cooling and centrifugal clutch pxp paramotor polini thor



Paramotor Engines

paramotor engine
Description Price
PXP Thor Polini 200 4500
PXP Vittorazi Moster 3999
PXP Thor Polini 130 3900
PXP 180 3899
PXP 180 electric 3999
PXP Bailey V5 5299

Optional Extras

Speed System fitted 20
Front Reserve system fitted (<160kg) 490
Reserve system fitted under seat (PXP) (<160kg) 490


Spare Parts we supply a range of spare parts.


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