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Suppliers of:

PXP Paramotors - Stainless steel framed paramotors with low hangpoints, and a range of the latest engines

Vittorazi Powered Paramotors - A range of paramotors powered by the Vittorazi engines.

Windtech Paragliders Some of the best paragliders and powered paragliders available, reserve parachute rescue systems, harnesses and other paragliding equipment and accesories.

Gin paragliders - with world class manufacturing facilities Gin gliders produce some of the highest quality paragliders available

BGD paragliders - Many years of design experience makes these new gliders some of the best available

Apco Paragliders - World Leaders in the design and manufacture of paragliders.

Hi-Fly -  Propellers and paramotor harnesses.

NAC Intercom - Helmet\headsets designed and manufactured for powered paragliding.

GoPro and Midland Helmet Cams.


Special Offers 2014

Clearance sale  now on, big reductions in prices

BGD Design paragliders





paramotor helmet headset







August 2014 - Clearance sale  now on, big reductions in prices

April 2014 - New sizes on the popular Windtech Kinetik Full Reflex The KFR is enlarging the size range with a mini 20m2 wing 

Feb 2014 - Now have a site dedicated to supplying powered paragliding , paramotor propellers   ParamotorPropeller.com

Aug 2013 - BGD new reflex paramotor wing the 'Luma' now available with EN certification C

May 2013 - Special introductory offer  - PXP minari 180 with the new 90 degree engine only £3799 for limited period, stock arriving May 2013

April 2013 -  New Minari engine, now available with electrioc start and 90 degree engine, improved cooling with  the cylinder in the Air flow.

Jan 2013 - Windtech Kinetic FR Full reflex powered paraglider


Aug 2012 - We are now offering Paramotor training courses in Thailand. Initiation, advanced or paraglider conversion courses by FAI certified English speaking instructors. Combine your training trip with equipment purchase and make savings on UK prices.

June 2012 - Airwave Puma the latest full reflex powered paraglider now available, A high performance wing that is easy to use.  (RRP £2499)

May 2012 -  Vittorazi Moster Service bulletin.

April 2012 - Coming soon- In very few weeks the intermediate motor pilots will have the opportunity to fly a new powered paraglider the Windtech Kinetik Full Reflex.

February 2012 -  New from PXP the Polini Thor 200 now available with the top quality, powerfull 200cc engine from Polini.

January 2012 - We are delighted and proud  to be new suppliers of Gin paragliders and PPG gliders, Gin are renowned for manufacturing high quality gliders, we are particularly pleased to be able to offer another B rated full reflex powered paraglider the 'Gin Airflex'

January 2012 - New paragliders for 2012; Windtech Kinetik FR (Full Reflex) an exciting new product, the long awaited full reflex wing promises to be one of the fastest on the market. Windtech Fenix will be a top gun for the longest XC flights, and the C rating promises to make it very popular for years to come.

June 2011 - Some exiting new developments


Lightweight single stainless hoop frame with low and high hangpoints for G6 and Redhead engines.


Universal paramotor harness


Improved 100cc G6 engine

March 2011 - PXP 180. A new engine from PXP paramotors in collaboration with the Italian Motorcycle engine specialists 'Minari' PXP now have a 180cc engine that they consider to be the best quality of their range. This very smooth running motor produces 26HP at 7200 RPM

Jan 2011 - We present our latest paramotor model, the PXP Vittorazi Moster, with a choice of 3 frame sizes, 1300,1400 and 1450, it has plenty of thrust but is relatively lightweight at 26Kg, so suitable for a wide range of pilots

Jan 2011 -  Windtech Zenith paraglider The flight test of 'Parapente Vuelo Libre' on the new Zenith.

It is a very good flight report about our B rated glider. It has lots of information and defines the 
Zenith as one of the best wings in this category with the performances of 2-3 glider. Performances are simply amazing: the maximum speed is almost 60 km/h and the best glide is 9.5 is the best so far in this category.

Oct 2010 - We have an exciting new addition to our range the Mini DV 100 Digital Video Camera from Albrecht, small and sleek the Mini DV 100 measures only 5.5cm long and only £69.00!!!!

Oct 2010 - Now proud to be official retailers of PXP paramotors, with a wide choice of the latest engines


Oct 2010 - Now supplying paramotors with the new Vittorazi Moster engine which weighs only 12.9 Kg and produces 25HP at 7800 rpm, see: http://www.vittorazi.com

Oct 2010 - The popular Power 100 stainless steel paramotor is now available with the Vittorazi Easy100plus engine

June 2010 - Paramotor version of the Windtech Zephyr now available with thicker lines and trimmers.

June 2010 - Special introduction offer on GoPro’s HD Helmet HERO

May 2010 - Apco is proud to announce the launch of our long-awaited full reflex wing - FORCE - to complete our already extensive range of wings for paramotor. FORCE was conceived as a direct result of pilot demand and worthy alternative to our classic and hybrid reflex paramotor wing range.

FORCE is now ready and available in 2 sizes - S and M - covering weight range from 75 kg. to 165 kg.

Nov 2009 - Windtech release the Zenith is a Sport intermediate wing rated EN B for the ambitious XC pilots searching for glide and speed without compromising safety. It replaces the Techno but maintains the same famous handling and stability in accelerated flight meanwhile the glide and speed is simple amazing for its class.

May 2009 - Windtech release the Kinetik Plus an evolution of the Kinetik with many improvements making a superb paramotor wing.

Apr 2009 - We can now supply Windtech paragliders, Windtech are renowned for there excellent products resulting an a meteoric rise to the top in the paragliding world over the past few years

Jan 2009 - Now S, M and L sizes of Karma SP are fully certified for free flying and also load tested for paramotor use

Dec 2008 - Apco release the Apco Karma Sport, with performance better than Karma, weight lighter by almost a kilo, equipped with all new FLEXON battens on L/E across the span, significantly lower line drag, made from new lightweight Gelvenor cloth - KARMA SP feels fresh, fun and reassuring.

Nov 2008 - After almost 100 hours of testing by the manufacturer, without any failures, testing of the new G6 Power paramotor is now being continued in the UK

April 2008 -  The Apco Thrust - purpose built paramotor wing now seriously improved. Thrust 09 is now made from the new lightweight Gelvenor siliconised cloth with optional 5 Year/500 hour warranty, shedding 500gr. of its weight. New, sophisticated FLEXON® batten system incorporated (see here) - replacing mylar reinforcement on L/E - another 300gr. gone from weight of the glider.
March 2008 - APCO will offer on all gliders produced from new Gelvenor cloth, a revolutionary 5 Year / 500 Hour Warranty against porosity deterioration which in our opinion is equal to a life-time warranty on a paraglider. This breakthrough was possible  due to newly installed sophisticated coating equipment at Gelvenor. The new cloth is not only lighter, but also significantly thinner, dramatically reducing the bulk and weight, without sacrificing any other properties of the cloth. This will put an end to all complaints and claims of cloth being too heavy and bulky. Its porosity measurements are 3 to 4 times better than the previous Gelvenor cloth, measuring 3,000-4,000 seconds on JDC porosity meter - truly unbelievable results. Washing and tumbling results unprecedented too, showing previously unseen durability and resistance to elements.

Jan 2008 - In the last edition of Vol Libre Magazine January 2008 (leading French paragliding publication),  a comprehensive comparison of 55 wings was published summarizing all glider reviews for all current wings evaluated by them over the last 2 years. A number of APCO gliders STAR in this comparison, including Karma, Vista, Thrust HP.

Karma was compared to best rival brands and in the long standing APCO tradition the Karma measured the best L/D in its Class, leaving behind many well regarded brands It was the only glider measuring a glide ratio over 8 - infact 8.07 at 36km/h when all the rest were dragging behind with 7 point something In the Paramotor section Apco's Thrust HP stars on the front Page and was elected as the magazines top choice of the Year!!!
"Impeccable inflation", "Very large speed range with excellent top Speed", "Packed with high end features, semi-reflex profile", "SRS and Hit valves", "Safety inspiring wing with excellent passive security".

August 2007 - Apco's latest and highly successful wing the Vista is now available with paramotor risers

July 2007- Apco Thrust HP is fully certified by new CEN certification (according to EN 926-2:2005 and EN 926-1:2006 ) 'C'. Also available with stabilo steering option (Certified).

July 2007- World record for limited fuel closed circuit flight has been ratified, David Rogers flew 52.9Km on his Apco Thrust/Corsair M25y outfit using 10 ltrs of petrol. This is the second paramotor record set using a Thrust wing (Venelin Staykov set a triangle speed record last year).

Feb 2007 - Apco have launched the latest addition to our paramotor range the THRUST HP. It is available now in 2 sizes – covering weight range from 75kg - 175kg. Designed to convert from Thrust profile to reflex profile at speed.

Nov 2006 - New World Record of Speed in PPG Trike: 59,5 km/h - On Sunday November 19th, pilot Daniel Crespo set a new record of speed over straight course of 15-25 km in paramotor with trike: 59,53 km/h , for a course of 15.36 km . The average speed achieved (flying twice over the course) is more than 2 km/h faster than the current world record in this modality (57,2 k/h. Daniel took off in his trike with a paramotor Airfer VR200 with a WalkerJet W200 engine and an Ozone Viper 26 glider, at 13:04 on Sunday, from an airfield in Tomelloso , Spain . After taking some altitude, he started the route that had declared before the flight, crossing the start point at 13:09:21 hrs, according to the GPS. The pilot reached the end of the course at 13:25:04 hrs. The second flight over the section started at 13:25:52 hrs, and ended at 13:41:07 hours. The average speed obtained in both directions, according to our calculations and pending verification, is 59,53 kilometers per hour. Daniel's goal was to exceed 60 km/h, but he says that this has only been the first attempt to make it: He will soon try again this and other records of speed in paramotor with trike, as he is sure that he's capable of flying at more than 60 km/h using the trimers totally open and full speed bar of his paraglider.

Oct 2006  -  New world record in Tandem Paramotor: 360 km Spanish pilot Angel Javier Carrasco (71kg) and his nephew Luis Alberto Navarro (63kg) set the distance mark on October 13th, after flying from Albacete in northwest direction to the province of Caceres (central Spain), where they landed after 7 hours. They used a paramotor Airfer VR200 equipped with Walkerjet engine W 200 and 130 cm 3-blade Helix prop + paraglider Mac Para Pasha II. See: http://www.ojovolador.com/eng/index.html

June 2006 -  WalkerJet Frame used to build Electric Paramotor


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